World History A


The word renaissance means “rebirth.” What was reborn during this period? One of the most enduring innovations of Renaissance culture was a new view of human beings. This outlook, embodied in the intellectual movement known as humanism, celebrated the extraordinary individual. The Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, who was also an architect, inventor, and mathematician, was seen by those around him as a model of this humanist ideal.

The Renaissance began in northern Italy in the late fourteenth century and then spread throughout Europe. Renaissance culture developed in the unique political, social, and economic environment of Italy’s small, independent states. Located on major trade routes, cities such as Milan and Florence were ideal places to receive and spread ideas. Florence, controlled by the Medici family, was perhaps the most influential city. Its scholars, writers, artists, and architects defined the culture of the Renaissance.

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  1. Explain the context in which the Renaissance and Age of Discovery developed.
  2. Explain how the revival of classical texts contributed to the development of the Renaissance in Italy.
  3. Explain the political, intellectual, and cultural effects of the Italian Renaissance.
  4. Explain how Renaissance ideas were developed, maintained, and changed as the Renaissance spread to northern Europe.
  5. Explain the influence of the printing press on cultural and intellectual developments in modern European history.
  6. Explain the causes and effects of the development of political institutions from 1450 to 1648.


Lesson 1: The Italian States

The Major Italian States
 Economics and Politics in the Major Italian States
 Machiavelli on Power
Renaissance Society
 The Nobility
 Peasants and Townspeople
 Family and Marriage

Lesson 2: Ideas and Art of the Renaissance

Italian Renaissance Humanism
 Development of Humanism
 Vernacular Literature
Italian Renaissance Education
Italian Renaissance Art
 New Techniques in Art
 Sculpture and Architecture
 High Renaissance Masters
The Northern Artistic Renaissance


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