World History A


In 1644 Manchu invaders from north of China founded the Qing dynasty. The Manchu were the most successful foreign conquerors in Chinese history and the Qing dynasty would rule China until 1911. Rulers such as Kangxi believed they were meant to restore China's greatness, and for two centuries they succeeded. It was during the Qing dynasty that Europeans gained their first in-depth look at the brilliance of Chinese

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Lesson 1: The Ming and Qing Dynasties

The Ming Dynasty
The Qing Dynasty
Europeans in China
Economy and Daily Life
Chinese Art and Literature

Lesson 2: The Reunification of Japan

Political Changes in Japan
The Tokugawa Era
 Tokugawa Rule
 Economy and Society
 Literature and Arts

Lesson 3: The Kingdoms of Korea and Southeast Asia

Korea: The Hermit Kingdom
Kingdoms in Southeast Asia
Europeans and the Spice Trade


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