World History A


Bitterness over the Treaty of Versailles and severe economic problems helped the rise of Adolf Hitler's Nazi movement in Germany. The Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend) organization was created in 1926 to win over young people to the Nazi cause. When Hitler took power in 1933, the Hitler Youth had about 100,000 members. Boys and girls in the Hitler Youth were indoctrinated to be race-conscious, obedient, and to put the needs of the nation above their own. By the early years of World War II, about 90 percent of the country's young people belonged to the Hitler Youth.

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Lesson 1:Instability After World War I

Uneasy Peace, Uncertain Security
 Inflation in Germany
 The Treaty of Locarno
The Great Depression
Responses to the Depression
 Great Britain
 The United States

Lesson 2: The Rise of Dictatorial Regimes

The Rise of Dictators
 Fascism in Italy
 The Fascist State
From Russia to the USSR
 Lenin's New Economic Policy
 The Soviet Union
 Stalin and His Five-Year Plans
 Costs of Stalin's Programs
Authoritarian States in the Wests
 Eastern Europe

Lesson 3: Hitler and Nazi Germany

Hiler and Nazism
 Rise of Nazism
 The Nazis Take Control
The Nazi State, 1933-1939
 The State and Terror
 Women and Nazism
 Anti-Semitic Policies
 Culture and Leisure


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