World History A


During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union had stockpiles of nuclear weapons. When the arms race led to increased hostility between the two nations, the world prepared for the threat of nuclear war. The Soviet Union and United States organized civil defense programs designed to train the civilian population how to react in the event of a nuclear attack. The programs involved "duck and cover" and evacuation drills, as well as widely circulated public safety announcements.

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  1. Explain state-based economic developments following World War II and the responses to these developments.


Lesson 1: Western Europe and North America

Western Europe
 France and de Gaulle
 West Germany: The Economic Miracle
 Great Britain
 The European Economic Community
The U.S. After the War
 The 1960s and Civil Rights
 The 1970s and 1980s
Western Society
 A New Social Structure
 Women in the Postwar World
 Student Revolts

Lesson 2: Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union

Postwar Soviet Union
 The Rule of Stalin
 The Khrushchev Era
 The Brezhnev Era
Eastern Europe
 Communist Patterns of Control
 Revolts Against Communism

Lesson 3: The Asian Rim

The Transformation of Japan
The "Asian Tigers"


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