World History A


Each dedicated to extending Muslim power, the Ottoman, Ṣafavid, and Mogul dynasties were also alike in establishing what historians refer to as "gunpowder empires." Their success as conquerors was based on their mastery of the technology of firearms. These empires were also similar in sharing the influence of Persian culture in literature and the arts and in gaining strength from a growing world economy.

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Lesson 1: The Rise and Expansion of the Ottoman Empire

Rise of the Ottoman Turks
 Fall of the Byzantine Empire
 Expansion of the Ottoman Empire
Life Under Ottoman Rule
 The Imperial Sultans
 Ottoman Society
 Architecture and the Arts

Lesson 2: The Ottomans and Ṣafavids

Problems in the Ottoman Empire
 The Stuarts and Divine Right
 Civil War and Commonwealth
 The Restoration
 A Glorious Revolution
The Ṣafavid Empire
Life under the Ṣafavids

Lesson 3: The Mogul Empire

The Mogul Dynasty
The Development of Sikhism
Life in Mogul India
Europeans Come to India


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