World History A


The French Revolution was a major turning point in Western history. At its most essential, it was a struggle for representational government, equality of opportunity, and a response to the near collapse of the French economy. As a child of the revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte created a legal code for France that realized some of the dreams of the revolutionaries: economic freedom, legal equality, and religious toleration, at least in part.

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  1. Explain the causes, events, and consequences of the French Revolution.
  2. Explain how the events and developments of the French Revolution influenced political and social ideas from 1648 to 1815.
  3. Explain the effects of Napoleon’s rule on European social, economic, and political life.
  4. Explain the nationalist responses to Napoleon s rule in Europe.
  5. Explain how the developments and challenges to the political order resulted in change in the period from 1648 to 1815.


Lesson 1: The French Revolution Begins

Causes of the French Revolution
The National Assembly
End of the Old Regime
 Declaration of the Rights of Man
 The King Concedes
 Church Reforms
 New Constitution and New Fears
 War With Austria
 Rise of the Paris Commune

Lesson 2: Radical Revolution and Reaction

The Move to Radicalism
The Reign of Terror
A Nation in Arms
The Directory

Lesson 3: The Rise of Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars

The Rise of Napoleon
 Early Life
 Military Successes
 Consul and Emperor
 Peace with the Church
 Codification of the Laws
 A New Bureaucracy
 Preserver of the Revolution?
Napoleon’s Empire
 Building the Empire
 Spreading the Principles of the Revolution
 British Resistance

Lesson 4: The Fall of Napoleon and the European Reaction

The Fall of Napoleon
European Reaction
Forces of Change


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