Part 1 - The SAT and You • Inside the SAT
Part 2a - Math • Skills and Calculator Use
• Method for Math Questions
• Linear Equations and Graphs
• Systems of Linear Equations
• Inequalities
Part 2b - Data Analysis • Ratios, Proportions, and Percents
• Tables, Statistics, and Probability
Part 2c - Passport to Advanced Math • Functions
• Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials, and Rational Expressions
• Quadratics
Part 2d - Other Topics in Math • Geometry
• Trigonometry
• Imaginary Numbers
• SAT Math: Timing and Section Management Strategies
Part 3 - Reading • The Method for SAT Reading Questions
• SAT Reading Passage Strategies
• SAT Reading Question Types
• Answering SAT Reading Questions
• Paired Passages and Primary Source Passages
• literature Passages
• SAT Reading: Timing and Section Management Strategies
Part 4 - Writing and Language • The Method for SAT Writing and language Questions
• Spotting and Fixing Errors: Sentence Structure, Punctuation, and Agreement
• Spotting and Fixing Issues: Conciseness, Organization, Development, and Graphs
• SAT Writing and Language: Timing and Section Management Strategies
Part 5 - Essay
(not required for UC or CSU)
• The Method for the SAT Essay
Part 9 Countdown to Test Day

How to Score Your Practice Tests