AP Textbooks

American Government
American Government
Unit 1 – Foundations of Democracy
Foundations of Democracy The Study of American Government
The Constitution The Constitution
The Federal System Federalism
American Political Culture
Unit 2 – Branches of Government
Congress Congress
The Presidency The Presidency
The Judiciary The Judiciary
The Executive & the Federal Bureaucracy The Bureaucracy
Unit 3 – Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Civil Liberties Civil Liberties
Civil Rights Civil Rights
Unit 4 – American Political Ideologies and Beliefs
Public Opinion and Political Socialization Public Opinion
Domestic Policy The Policy-Making Process
Economic Policy Economic Policy
Foreign and Defense Policy Foreign and Military Policy
Social Welfare
Environmental Policy
Unit 5 – Political Participation
Political Participation
Political Parties Political Parties
Interest Groups Interest Groups
Elections and Voting Elections and Campaigns
The Campaign Process
The News Media The_Media