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Along the way you'll meet a dizzying array of characters: King Azaz, the Mathemagician, the Princesses Rhyme and Reason, Faintly Macabre, Alec Bings, Chroma, Dr. Dischord and the Dynne, the Soundkeeper, the Dodecahedron, the Everpresent Wordsnatcher, the Terrible Trivium, the Demon of Insincerity, the Gelatinous Giant, the Senses Taker, Officer Shrift, the Whether Man, the Lethargians, the Spelling Bee, and the Half Boy.

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Reviews of the book when it came out in 1961:

  • “Norton Juster's amazing fantasy has something wonderful for anyone old enough to relish the allegorical wisdom of Alice in Wonderland and the pointed whimsy of The Wizard of Oz” — New York Times
  • “It was as if someone had turned on the lights. The concepts of irony, of double entendre, of words as play, of the pleasure and inevitability of intellectual absurdity, were suddenly accessible to me. They made sense to me in an extremely personal way.” — Novelist Catherine Schine
  • “I want to shout about The Phantom from the rooftops. I want to stand in Waterloo [Train Station] and press copies into people's hands. This is a book that should be in every home. ... Whether you are 8 or 88 Juster's mixture of allegorical wisdom and logical whimsy will take you on a journey of the spirit.” — Amanda Forman, Sunday Times of London

The Phantom Tollbooth and the Wonder of Words(a 2011 review on the 50th anniversary of publication)