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News flash!! This play is about your town. “What?” you say, “We don’t have Howie Newsome delivering milk every morning. We buy milk at the local [insert name of big conglomerate supermarket here] or, alternatively at [insert name of big conglomerate organic food store here].” Don’t worry. We realize that not everyone lives in a little replica of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire in the early 1900s. But bear with us a moment as we go on a little “what if” journey.

What if this play were set today? What if this play were set in your town? What if this play were about your life? George would still be a cute, popular athlete. Emily would still be the brainy girl next door. They would still have painfully awkward conversations


Act 1: Daily Life

Act 2: Love and Marriage

Act 3: ?


A 7-minute feature on the lasting value of Our Town

The 1977 TV Movie (1:57)


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