Hello, everybody.

I’ve been asked by a few juniors if I could help out a little. Now that I’m retired, I have a fair amount of free time, so I’m happy to help.
I’ll start by providing some online materials...
I don’t have a huge supply yet, but I’m adding to them every day. If it’s not here, check back in a few days.

[Updated on August 16]

The Kaplan book is strong in reviewing the "curriculum" on the test (geometry, trig, etc., and reading). It also presentes test-taking strategies.
The Princeton Review book is just 10 practice tests with answers and explanations (posted later today or tomorrow).

For American History, there is a copy of the text by chapters, along with outlines and study guides
The AMSCO Book is a much shorter read than a standard textbook, and some teachers use it as their class text.
This is the OLD version of AMSCO. It's in 31 chapters and there's a study guide for each chapter.
This is the NEW version of AMSCO. It's broken down by AP Topics. Because that matches up with Heimler's History, they are placed together

There are also videos fromTom Richey – mostly first semester – and Crash Course. Crash Course isn’t AP, but it‘s good with the basics and it has John Green’s special perspective.
Over time, there will be as many “old” APUSH SAQ’s and DBQ’s as I can find.
Too, I will post as many simple, "old-style" identification MCQ's (probably hundreds) as I can assemble.

That's it for now. If you could use some academic help, let me remind you that I have credentials in English, Math, and Social Studies.
You can email me here.