AP Psychology

Unit 2: Research Methods

Psychology is an empirical discipline Psychologists develop knowledge by doing research Research provides guidance for psychologists who develop theories to explain behavior and who apply theories to solve problems in behavior
AP students in psychology should be able to do the following:


In a difficult moment-after an argument with a loved one, a social embarrassment, or a bad grade-to whom do you turn? For advice and comfort, we often turn to friends and family, or search online. Psychology can also shed insight. Psychologists start with the questions that intrigue all of us: How can we be happier, healthier, and more successful? What can we do to improve our relationships? Why do people act and think as they do? But psychological science takes it a step further and uses careful research to separate uninformed opinions from examined conclusions.

 4The Need for Psychological Science
 5The Scientific Method and Description
 6Correlation and Experimentation
 7Statistical Reasoning in Everyday Life
 8Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology

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