World History (A)

Chapter 3: Exploration and Isolation, 1400-1800


“God, glory, and gold” drove Europeans’ early exploration of Asia. They controlled Asian trade, with Portugal leading the way. Soon, though, nations of northern Europe took over Indian Ocean trade. Two dynasties in China resisted the growing power of Europeans in Asia, limiting Chinese contact with foreigners. In Japan, a new system of government brought peace and isolation.

Concepts from AP European History

The Renaissance

  • A revival of classical texts led to new methods of scholarship and new values in both society and religion.
  • The invention of printing promoted the dissemination of new ideas.
  • The visual arts incorporated the new ideas of the Renaissance and were used to promote personal, political, and religious goals.

The Reformation

  • The Protestant and Catholic Reformations fundamentally changed theology, religious institutions, and culture.
  • Religious reform both increased state control of religious institutions and provided justifications for challenging state authority.
  • Conflicts among religious groups overlapped with political and economic competition within and among states.

The Organizers