1st Semester
2nd Semester
Test Preparation

Period 1 (1450-1648)

The Italian Renaissance

Renaissance Art


The Northern Renaissance

The Age of Exploration

Causes of the Reformation

Martin Luther's Reformation

Martin Luther's Doctrines



The (Catholic) Counter Reformation

Free Will and the Reformation

The English Reformation (Part I:
Henry VIII and the Church of England)

The English Reformation (Part II:
Edward VI, Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I)

The French Wars of Religion

The Thirty Years War

Period 2 (1648-1815)

Mercantilism: The Economics of Absolutism

The Foundations of Absolutism

Louis XIV: Sun King of France

Absolutist Prussia

Peter the Great: Tsar of Russia

The Great Northern War (and Peter the Great)

Absolutism vs. Constitutionalism

Hobbes vs. Locke

What is a Stadtholder? (Dutch Republic)

Cogito ergo sum
(Introduction to Descartes)

British Agricultural Revolution

Deductive vs. Inductive Reasoning

Deism (Natural vs. Revealed Religion in the Enlightenment)

Voltaire on Religion

Enlightened Absolutism

French Revolution (1 - Old Regime)

French Revolution (2 - Estates General)

French Revolution (3 - National Assembly)

French Revolution (4 - Rights of Man)

French Revolution (5 - Civil Constitution of the Clergy)

Women and the French Revolution
(Part 1 - Introduction)

Women and the French Revolution
(Part 2 - Marie Antionette)

Women and the French Revolution
(Part 3 - Olympe de Gouges)

Women and the French Revolution
(Part 4 - Mary Wollstonecraft vs. Edmund Burke)

Women and the French Revolution
(Part 5 - Charlotte Corday and the Death of Marat)

Women and the French Revolution
(Part 6 - Concluding Remarks)

Period 3 (1815-1914)

The Congress of Vienna

19th century "Isms"

Classical vs. American Liberalism

John Stuart Mill


Romantic Art

Revolutions of 1848 Introduction (Part 1)

Revolutions of 1848 in France (Part 2)

Revolutions of 1848 in the German States (Part 3)

Revolutions of 1848 in Italy (Part 4)

Revolutions of 1848 in Britain and Russia/
Concluding Remarks (Part 5)

German Unification (Part I:
The Failure of Liberal Nationalism)

German Unification (Part II:
Bismarck's Realpolitik)

German Unification (Part III:
Blood and Iron)

Auguste Comte: Positivism & the 3 Stages

The Second Industrial Revolution

Military Technologies of the Second Industrial Revolution (Civil War and WWI Compared)

Causes of World War I

Treaty of Versailles (as a Shopping Spree)

Period 4 (1914-present)

Causes of World War I

Dulce et Decorum Est - Wilfred Owen (WWI Poetry)

Treaty of Versailles Shopping Spree

What is Democratic Socialism?

Totalitarianism (Rough Cut)

Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power (Part I - 1889-1921)

Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power (Part II - 1921-1929)

Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power (Part III - 1929-1933)

Hell Is Other People (Jean-Paul Sartre/No Exit/Existentialism)

DBQ Writing

DBQ Basic Core

DBQ Expanded Core

Questions and Answers

How Important Is Art?

Naval Power in European History

Important Maps

FRQ Freakout

Time Periods

Post-World War II Stuff

Timing on the Exam